Valtitude associates have helped a variety of businesses across several industry verticals to improve their planning process and create value through Supply chain analysis and diagnostics, process re-design, solutions implementation, and customized on-site training. 

Our associates have a wide breadth of experience so for every engagement we bring four key competencies together to deliver full value to client projects:

  • Business Process Assessment and Design
  • Rigorous Data Analytics
  • Technology and Solutions Implementation
  • Customized User Training based on the Process and Solutions implemented to the client

Through our unique diagnostics methodology, we help clients understand their specific business and organizational drivers that inhibit the formation of a holistic Demand and Supply Management process.


Principals are Partner level consultants who bring deep business expertise from their corporate and consulting careers. Every project will be led by a Partner/Principal. They bring rich project management skills and diverse experience working with many industry verticals. Typically, Principals have anywhere from ten plus years of experience in the domain.


Program Managers

Our Program Managers are lead consultants that are responsible for the management of the client project.

They act as a single point of contact to the client. Typically Program Managers are experienced consultants in Business Forecasting, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics. Their experience could be anywhere from five to fifteen years.

Typically they have worked across several industry verticals including automotive, technology, F&B, consumer goods, financial services, publishing, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, marine products, and other industry sectors.

Data Scientists/Senior Consultants

Data Scientists are the architects of data-driven design.  They plan and execute a rigorous data analytics program for the client with a team of analysts and other consultants.  The insights from the data science become the core of our recommendations along with the process and business strategy insights.

Data Scientists

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