Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro:

As an affordable and easy-to-use solution which redefines the forecasting process, it helps create accurate forecasts, and provides the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and optimizing your forecast process.  

Founded in 1986, ForecastPro boasts of a vast network of international users spread across 88 countries. 

With a wide range of available statistical models, effective tools for forecast collaboration and flexible reporting formats, ForecastPro can be easily integrated with data bases and corporate systems.  

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Valtitude helps you refine this forecasting process, from Data analysis, to process refinement to modeling and reporting, we guide you with a process that leverages the full power of TRAC.  

We work with you to develop key reports and train you on the TRAC features, navigation techniques, statistical modeling and forecast reporting in the context of your monthly demand planning cycle. 

We help you manage your forecast modeling process by exception reviewing; 

  • Major forecast changes from a previous cycle  
  • Items with major forecast errors  
  • High growth or high decline forecasts compared  to previous year  
  • Major over-rides through Sales Collaboration  


Our mission is to provide usable solutions that leverage process, analytics and technology to create business value.