AI - What is the Hype?

AI - What is the Hype? Today, AI sells everything from driverless cars to carless drivers... Everywhere you turn it is all about AI. Are we peaking on the hype cycle? There is a euphoria on ...

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The Bubble!!

The Bubble!! Are we in one - slowly heading up like that DisneyWorld Splash mountain ride before that exhilarating drop into the water splash?! The one difference between Spla ...

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Who owns the Forecast?

Who owns the Forecast? Demand Planning as a function relies on customer information and sales intelligence that provides insights into customer activity. Most companies have ...

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Is Demand Planning MIA?

Is Demand Planning MIA? Is Demand Planning missing in action in some companies? Or is it completely missing and never part of the operational planning process? I know smaller ...

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Boston Workshops

We Organised a workshop in October 2019  - October 9 & 10 ‘Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Workshop’ – Boston October 10 & 11 ‘Inventory ...

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Mumbai Workshops

Our August 2019 workshops were – August 7 & 8 ‘Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Workshop’ – Boston August 8 & 9 ‘Inventory Management and Opt ...

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Demand Planning With True Demand

Demand Planning With True Demand For the following scenario which of the following historical orders data stream you would consider from a demand planning perspective?        ...

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Measuring Forecast Error

Measuring Forecast Error Do you consider a Constrained or Unconstrained Forecast? I had a long conversation recently with the President of a CPG company on adding some form of Forecast quality a ...

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From Bricks to Clicks

From Bricks to Clicks There is a huge competition amongst e-tailers and retailers to win customers by providing good customer service and quick delivery.  Furthermore, all of this at a ...

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Help my MAPE is negative!

Help my MAPE is negative! I hear frequently calls for help saying MAPE is high or saying MAPE is unreliable. Recently we encountered two situations where the calculated MAPE & WMAP ...

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Is S&OP an Event?

Is S&OP an Event? What is the state of S&OP today? I interact with supply chain professionals in conferences and consulting assignments across different industry verticals.&nbs ...

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Forecast accuracy (%)

Forecast accuracy (%) - Valtitude Regarding the measurement of the forecast accuracy I would like to ask a question. The Formula 1 below shows a common (or intuitive) suggestion a ...

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Is SAP APO DP complicated?

Is SAP APO DP complicated? I have heard feedback from many business users and demand planners that SAP APO DP is complicated.  Some think it is too rigid!!  I have heard that it i ...

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Forecast Alerts

Forecast Alerts! Popular software packages have forecast alert monitors. Each software may term it differently: 1.  Manugistics calls them lists 2.  APO and Dematra call the ...

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Tracking Signal

What is Tracking Signal? Tracking signal is a measure used to evalue if the actual demand does not reflect the assumptions in the forecast about the level and perhaps trend in the demand pr ...

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Is MAPE controversial?

Is MAPE controversial? MAPE = Mean Absolute Percent Error.  This is the common error measure used by the Supply Chain profession.  Demand Planners and Demand Forecasters spread ac ...

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Hello Demand Planners!

Welcome to the forecasting blog!  These are collection of thoughts on forecasting, demand planning, Sales and Operations planning and corporate strategy!  Please contribute your t ...

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