The practice of demand planning consistently leverages one central theme: Plan, Manage and Execute your supply and logistics resources to serve final customer demand. However, the underlying structure for each industry is different. These structures determine the demand to be modeled and planned.

Depending on what industry vertical you are trying to serve, your definition of demand forecasting will be different as well. If you are a retailer, you are trying to forecast your shelf demand at the store level. Your ultimate service measure is the in-store stock levels.


High Tech demand planning is characterized by supply and demand behavior of equal size players
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There are a variety of industries that use demand planning to improve their business model.
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Big Box retailers were the driving force behind many planning initiatives including CPFR and demand forecasting...
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Food and Beverage sector serves a unique model where most of the shipments are routed through the distributor model...
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Demand Planning process is well developed in the CPG sector. The demand that drives CPG supply chain is the demand from retail.
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The pharmaceutical value chain is dependent on two major demand forecasts:
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