New England Biolabs

An excellent workshop in Inventory Optimization for Supply Chain Planning! The training was a perfect blend of theoretical concepts & tactical implementation. We'll be employing as much of what we learned as possible! Thank you! 

Raychem RPG

Excellent training session! The workshop provided in-depth learning and comprehensive understanding of Planning and Forecasting models & techniques.


Good presentation, glad I attended.
The speaker was positive and enthusiastic.
Interactive; presenter engaged audience without putting anyone on the spot; didn't rely on slides - very dynamic presenter. 

Asian Paints

This is a great workshop covering a variety of topics.  I would like a little bit more depth on statistical modeling.  


Raychem RPG

The workshop was very beneficial in the fields of Demand Planning & Buffer Stocks. In addition, the training was articulate and well-presented. It allowed for open discussions on various topics.                                                                    -

Raychem RPG

The workshop was very effective. I learnt many useful techniques pertaining to Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management. Thank you for explaining the key concepts with such ease!             

Fibre 2 Fashion

The workshop was very interactive with a great learning environment. The concepts explaining demand forecasting were really helpful and will be implemented in our processes.                 Market Intelligence 


Great workshop. I have been to others in the past that were commercials for their software. For the first time I understand how the formulas on the computer work and what is available. Excellent class, make your high level managers come with you, both of you will learn something. 

Volvo India

The concepts were well structured and presented in a way to understand manner. This workshop has inspired me to really learn a lot about demand planning


Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday. It brought home a lot of insights gathered through my consulting career and helped connect the dots. I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues in our firm/practice


I attended the session to see if I may want to send additional demand planners to subsequent training sessions. I thought the training was well done and will recommend that several others from my team attend this workshop soon.

Mid-West Based CPG Company

It was a good week of training. It was fun and also at the same time very insightful learning experience. Hope you had a good time too with our team. We would really appreciate your feedback, thoughts and suggestions on our processes.

J&B Group

Thank you for a great seminar! You did a great job giving a broad perspective on demand planning and S&OP while diving into the specifics.
Components of Demand & drivers analysis were very useful to develop the best in class demand model. The workshop had a good balance between technical, Practical.

Supply and Demand Planner

The training provided an in-depth learning of the vast concepts and methodoligies of APO. 



Mark is a good presenter, with good energy and audience involvement, and he appeared to be well-versed in the subject. His presentation contained a wealth of information on supply chain, lots of food for thought... more manufacturing companies should consider his ideas! This was a great workshop. There was a lot of discussion which is always nice; I would love to attend his future workshops, and would definitely recommend them for others.

Supply Chain Planner

A very informative session! Mark and Rohan are incredibly knowledge in the fields of Demand Planning and were able to present the concepts with great clarity. 


Fibre 2 Fashion

The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. All the concepts were explained in a way that allowed for comprehensive understanding.       Manager Operation       

Hitachi Consulting

I found the workshop to be relevant and useful. The combination of lecture, exercises, and participant discussion was excellent

Boston Based Company

Dr. Chockalingam’s presentation was simple, well organized, easy to follow, and contained plenty of interaction with the class. He knew the material well, and presented it in an interesting manner! Furthermore, the information was highly relevant and practical, and would be very useful in my work

LCI Distributors

Picked up many important points currently not taken in consideration with in our company. A better understanding on how our manufacturers are operating

Ghirardelli Chocolates

I was not sure what to expect with this workshop. However it exceeded my expectations in many ways. within the first day I was able to take a few key concepts that I will immediately begin to apply to the forecasting process. With being in my role for about a year, I still am very unfamiliar with a lot of demand planning procedures and this was a good starting point, but also some of the statistical concepts were over my head. They will probably make more sense as I apply what I learned and re read the book

Viega LLC

Great Workshop. Everything was well organized from start to finish. It was a pleasure dealing with everybody and I would definitely recommend this workshop to others working in demand planning

Rocheux International

The workshop is full of valuable knowledge and analytical skills. Mark's industrial background makes this presentation very practical, cleanly organized, and valuable to supply chain practitioners. Couldn't have be more excited

IMP Aerospace

The forecasting and analysis techniques taught during this workshop have such a broad and critical application, I would recommend the course highly to a range of people - from management all the way through to supply chain

Yankee Candle

Attended the 2 day Demand Planning workshop which gave me a lot of good and strong tools I can use going forward. I can highly recommend this workshop and Mark is an excellent teacher and the workshop was flawless executed

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Excellent distillation of what to pay attention to and what not in this complex system. Highlighted for me how critical profile settings are. Will help me insure the system is properly setup.Extremely helpful, non-biased knowledge shared that will help with our implementation

L-3 Communications

Thank you for conducting DP workshops and sharing your experience and valuable insights.. It fully met my expectations and prepares me well to implement DP in a manner that would deliver the results businesses expect from such costly implementations. 

You and I share the same mantra of usability. I'm very passionate about it. Thank you very much for the workshops and taking care of all other arrangements


This is a great class for me, as a layman in the demand planning field. Therefore, I strongly suggest that the sales, controller and supply chain team join in on the session, in order to truly understand how demand planning should be worked in a professional way

Henkel Adhesive Company

Thank you Mark, this is one of the best Demand Planning training course i've ever attended. I have the practical experience on all topics you introduced but never summarized them in a systematic way. so thank you very much. I would like to attend future training the next time you come China

Springs Window Fashions

Would recommend to all demand planners and those responsible for them. Also, recommend that anyone who is getting ready to install a new demand planning system attend this workshop before they create a blueprint.


I truly appreciated the amount of useful knowledge that was presented during this workshop. I'm excited to go back to work and try out some of the new techniques and methods I learned


Being very new to this feild of analytics, I found this workshop to be one of the best things my company could have sent me to. The experience and knowledge that Dr. Mark Chockalingam brings to the table help transform this classroom setting into a fast track to understanding demand planning and forecasting. I think the workshop could have lasted one more day for even more in depth application. 

Out of all demand planning seminars, classes, speaking events, and conferences I found this workshop to be one of the best things my company could have sent me to. I would recommend this to anyone, even veterans in the field

Azko Nobel

This course has been very inspirational to me and can be put in good use for my future work, to better facilitate our company sales as well as production planning. Many thanks to Mark for your great lessons and teachings

Spectrum Brand

Mark and Rohan provided a well structured hands on learning environment. They were very open to addressing our individual needs which was ultimately beneficial for the entire group. The distributed materials and in-class exercises were highly relevant and directly applicable to demand planning roles across a range of industries. The value added potential of taking this class is immeasurable and 
I recommend this class to anyone interested in getting ahead in their career.

Caribbean  Development Company Limited

The content of the course has a good materials that are helpful even for demand planners that are now entering this field. The speaker was willing and able to answer relevant questions. Given the small group size, the session was very interactive

T.  Marzetti 

The size of the workshop was very conducive to the learning experience and allowed for your seminar to tailor lessons to our specific questions regarding forecasting. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with forecasting model issues and questions.

Perkin Elmer

Great course. Helped to expand on my base knowledge. Instructions were clear and created a relaxed atmosphere for learning. Looking forward to apply this into my forecasting plan

Topcon Positioning System

The technical material learned in this workshop will help our company as we move to modeling in our demand planning. The instructions were extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and were able to offer practical example to apply techniques

Henkel India

Enriching experience with examples across different industry. Discussions in the session were simply great enabling us to relate with different scenarios


A lot of brainstorming and ideas into statistical demand forecasting. A very important value add for business and demand planner role. A great exposure and learning platform

Henkel India

The workshop was interactive and insightful. Learned new and practical concepts in forecasting ,which I would love to implement in my business

Future Electronics

This course was well organized and targeted the basic to most advanced users. Speakers are very knowledgeable to answer questions about real business situations


Excellent material given to us during the workshop. This information and new concepts will help us reorganize how our models are being applied to group of items to improve forecast accuracy and reduce forecast errors

Mead Johnson Nutrition

Best one day workshop of APO DP concepts and tool knowledge I've attended. A very good hands-on experience of stat forecast tool in APO DP, which covered all the large concepts. DPLLC team took time to explain concepts besides the tool

La Cuisine International

It was an informative, yet fun seminar. I have learned quite a few things and think that I can own the S&OP process


Mark is able to blend demand planning expertise with strong APO-DP knowledge to give succinct, practical guidance on how to use Demand planning most effectively


Great mix of conceptual and technical learning. Would definitely put them in practice in my company. Dr. Chockalingam and his team are very knowledgeable and presented the material in an easy to understand format. I would recommend this workshop to any demand planner who wants to learn more about the best practices and ways to improve the demand planning process in their organization


Thank you for the wonderful result. I personally consider your course and exam as elitist and the outcome to be extremely value adding to my profile. The whole experience was challenging and the exam questions were very intelligently framed. Looking forward to more interaction with you and Demand Planning LLC

Towheed Chowdhury

I was really waiting to use the title CADP against my name. You will be happy to know that though I paid for the full training myself, my employer is reimbursing me the training cost after I shared the depth of knowledge I gathered from the training and certification program in Mumbai.
My employer will be more proud once I share my result with them tomorrow. Now, I can more proudly share about the benefits of the training as I am CADP certified now :)
If I am not mistaken, I am the first CADP from Bangladesh. Thank you once again to all behind the training organization and for your excellent training sessions in Mumbai


Instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. Quick to provide more detail if a concept was unclear. Forecasting at Amway is more aligned with Strategic Planning and plays more of a consultation role rather than a supply chain role, so it was interesting to hear struggles of more supply chain focused forecasters


The overall structure of the workshop worked very well was a mix of theory with real world examples. I am new to demand role and this course is very helpful with learning the core concepts of demand planning

Weber Stephen Products

Great understanding of models and stat forecasting in SAP. Good workshop! It was very helpful tool in better understanding and accessing greater capabilities in SAP APO modeling

Armored Autogroup

A great seminar that all Demand Planners should experience to take charge of their careers and Demand Planning experiences

Weber Stephen Products

Helpful concepts and good overall review. Can apply some new measurement techniques to reporting metrics

Delhaize America

Valuable information about how your demand planning tool works and it can influence your organization

Mars Petcare

Excellent class covering a broad range of important and relevant topics in an easy to understand way. Practice cases and examples further modified understanding. Highly Recommend.

Pure fishing

Very good representation of demand planning, helped evaluate the process followed by our team and are that need improvement Size of the group was perfect for interaction with others Steve senior manager demand planning

Newell Brands - First Alert

Great Course .Received good clarification and understanding of terms, processes. Lots of information to take back and out into practice.

Pure fishing

Seminar was very useful and enjoyable. I learned a lot about different theories and models which I will apply in the workplace. Highly recommend it!

Kraton Polymers

Easy to understand and simple real life examples for difficult concepts in demand planning that cannot be acquired through a book. The class is a must for anyone wanting to understand stat forecasting.

Delonghi America

This was my first workshop and it was a very positive experience. The small group environment made it easy to interact and get to know a few of the participants. The dynamic presentation style was also great. I was not only learning from the lecturer but also from my fellow participants. Great job!


Great course. Some difficult concepts broken down to help easily learn steps in practical application. Would definitely recommend this course

Keen Footwear

Great opportunity to step away from the daily grind and get a reminder of the big picture process and of best practices. Appreciated the structural encouragement to chat and network with our peers from other companies.


Workshop on Inventory was very interactive as well as meaningful with sufficient knowledge transfer and material provided for reference. Even knowledge transfer by facilitator was excellent. Looking forward to interaction in future!

American Tire Distributors

Demand Planning LLC exceeded my expectations with the Demand Planning Certification and Training session. The facilitators did a great job with a diverse set of attendees from my team, and were able to weave technical skills with business-focused learnings. Even with 15+ years, I was able to identify key takeaways to use to improve our processes, while my team was able to learn valuable lessons.

Prestige Brands

The workshop was very informative and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was successful in refreshing many key concepts and I was able to come up useful insights to implement


The course moved at a pace that held my attention but also allowed for me to follow. I have found the material to be beneficial and will be applying what I learned to my role.

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