Our mission is to provide usable solutions leveraging processes, analytics, and technology to create business value.  Our lead consultants average 15+ years of experience in both process transformation as well as technology implementation.

Valtitude, based in Boston MA, specializes in demand planning, S&OP, Sales Forecasting, and supply chain optimization.  We have also helped companies with developing Sales Planning and revenue management processes and helping improve Sales and Operations Execution.

We have worked with Fortune 500  companies such as Honeywell, Schlumberger, Sabra, Pepsi Foods, Abbott, Jack Daniels, etc. to optimize their Supply Chain to deliver value to their customers.  

Our Consultants have worked across many industry verticals - Pharma, CPG, High-Tech, Foods and Beverage, Quick Service Restaurants, Industrial Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, etc.  

Our expertise includes solutions consulting in SAP IBP, SAP SCM, Oracle ASCP, Vanguard, Kinaxis, JDA Manugistics.  

For the mid-market, we have provided solutions using Forecastpro and some nimble cloud-based predictive planning solutions. 

Our consulting expertise includes Operations Forecasting & Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Financial Planning & Budgeting, production and capacity planning, and scheduling.

The typical engagement has included: 

1.       Diagnostics and Process Audit

2.       Sales and Operations Planning Process implementation

3.       Implementation of Large Footprint toolsets like SAP IBP and SCM, JDA Manugistics, Oracle Demantra, etc.

4.       Re-implementation and Algorithm Tuning

5.       Customized/On-site Training

6.       Outsourced Planning and Support

7.       Cloud-based Dashboarding and Analytics