Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) - Design & Implementation

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Consulting

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process thrives on collaboration & honest communication between key organizational players. Our process design approach is driven by the understanding of key touch points in the organization and how effective demand and supply communication among these touch points can be improved.

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Please contact us to schedule a one-hour consult to discuss True Demand and the best practices in a demand planning process.  Your S&OP Building Blocks download will be available once you complete the below info.

The process embodies several information sharing sessions. It starts  with a quick diagnostic of the current planning process that will study the financial planning, demand forecasting and management, rough cut and finished goods planning, and constraints management. We will also analyze the current score-card and metrics process. 

This will be followed by the design and implementation of a customized S&OP process that will be a cross-functional effort with commitment from all players. 

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Our S&OP Consulting model employs the six-sigma methodology of:

  1. Define 
  2. Measure 
  3. Analyze 
  4. Improve and Control (DMAIC) 

How does a process re-design work? 

Here is a detailed list of the steps we take in re-designing your S&OP process. 

Because of the diverse experience of our Consultants, we can design and deliver the process competitively. We add value to your process design in two ways: 

  • With our knowledge base of best practices and the benchmark industry process, we can analyze and recommend processes and benchmarks rather quickly. 

  • Our central philosophy is exception management grounded in the Six-Sigma principles. This helps design a very effective process that is time-efficient as well.

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Valtitude based in Boston MA, specializes in demand planning, S&OP, Sales Forecasting, and supply chain optimization.