PlanVida Analytics Cloud Platform by Valtitude / DPLLC

Planvida Story

The Planvida Story

PlanVida is a sophisticated cloud platform - advanced planning integrated with big data analytics; and features our reputation for Usability.  

Planvida can leverage all your data in detail - POS, inventory, archived plans, costs and margins to provide the best plans and forecasts   

- Powerful planning engine

- Quick and Easy implementation 

- Insightful Analytics

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PlanVida Offerings

  • Outsourced Planning 

With robust Statistical Models, PlanVida offers insightful graphical review and planning Dashboards for S&OP Process. Additionally, we also offer intuitive review and feedback by an experienced data scientist. 

  • Portfolio Optimization

PlanVida offers Product & Customer Segmentation with ABC Classification. In addition, it allows for SKU Rationalization analysis for a deeper understanding of the portfolio. Revenue & Margin Contribution Analytics  with SKU & Customer Profitability provide imperative insights. 

  • Analytics and Data Insights

Starting with Forecastability analysis to identify data patterns, PlanVida generates  reports for Forecast Accuracy and Product Mix. It assesses parameters across Inventory optimization, Tracking Signal & Optimal Stocking Targets. It helps gain Customer Service, Manufacturing and Procurement Insights 



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