SAP Integrated Business Planning on the Cloud:

SAP IBP offers Advanced Planning on the cloud for Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization and Supply Planning.

Valtitude/Demand Planning LLC has worked with a number of premier companies to implement SAP IBP. Besides implementation, we have repaired implmentations that were not effective or productive and has caused a lot of pain for the planners.

We offers expert consulting for SAP IBP in four areas -

  • IBP Assessment for organizational readiness 
  • Implementation of the IBP Suite 
  • Re-implementation and Solutions Tuning to get the most mileage out of your implementation 
  • On-site Customized Training on IBP 

Our implementation methodology is unique as we fast-track and expedite all implementations in as few as ninety days.


We demystify the complexity of SAP! 

We will implement a planning solution that will incorporate Valtitude's  ten time tested best practices in demand planning with a clean and intuitive process powered by robust IBP algorithms and a top quality training program to help generate a quality demand-supply-capacity plan, each time. 

Up and running in as little as 90 days*. 

*Terms and conditions apply.


  • “Right” data source 
  • “Right” method to separate an outlier from a promotion and seasonal spike 
  • “Right” Periodicity of Planning - month, week, and quarter or mixed. 
  • “Right” level of aggregation for planning and review by the planners 
  • “Right” approach to segment your data - products, customers, location  
  • “Right” model and the model selection strategy in demand planning 
  • “Right” planning and optimization algorithms for Rough cut capacity planning 
  • "Right" parameters for inventory optimization using the IBP toolset 
  • “Right” techniques to manage demand of new and discontinued products - PLM, Phase-in and Phase-out, Obsolescence management 
  • “Right” metrics out of the box using Fiori analytics 

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Our mission is to provide usable solutions that leverage process, analytics and technology to create business value.