Valtitude has strategic partnerships to provide enhanced service and technology offerings to our clients with varied needs. We use the best fit approach to select the appropriate toolset depending on the client's needs and pain-points.


Valtitude is fully aligned with Microsoft Technologies and provides clients solutions that use the Microsoft Platform. We are a Microsoft Silver Partner and we have achieved special competency in the following solutions:

  • PowerBi Analytics - Design and Implementation
  • Analytics Cloud in Microsoft Azure
  • Dynamics 365
  • Office 365

We provide a customized implementation for Forecastpro suite of products for our SMB clients who have benefited from the rapid implementation of Forecastpro in as few as ten days.

Most of our ForecastPro TRAC implementation packages include a variety of features and customizations: 

  • Custom Statistical Modeling 
  • Waterfall Reports 
  • Planning by Exception 
  • Accuracy Reports  
  • Forecast Volatility Analysis 

Planvisage is an end-to-end Advanced Planning tool. We represent Planvisage in North America. Valtitude provides Planvisage consulting and implementation services. We provide a customized version of the software that can be used to poll the sales force for market intelligence to enhance a baseline statistical forecast.

Planvisage can be implemented either as on-premises or on the cloud.

We provide a subscription-based service on the Azure Cloud which can be implemented in as little as ninety days. We provide the following planning modules for our North America based customers:

  • Custom Statistical Modeling 
  • Waterfall Reports 
  • Planning by Exception 
  • Accuracy reports  
  • Forecast Volatility analysis 

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