Outsourced Planning

Outsourced Planning and Analytics services:

Valtitude / Demand Planning LLC offers an Outsourced Planning capability featuring our qualified data scientists armed with our powerful analytics platform built on Microsoft Azure. 

    Valtitude / Demand Planning LLC offers an Outsourced Planning capability for businesses of all sizes.  Demand Forecasts, Replenishment Plans, and SCM analytics all are shared virtually through the cloud.  We specialize and deliver the data science and you focus on managing the business side.  

    The outsourced planning offering addresses two types of client needs:

    1.  Large Corporate clients with powerful systems such as SAP IBP, Oracle ASCP, Blue Yonder, etc.  For such clients, our data scientists work on the client systems to review models and plans and tune parameters and make planning suggestions.    

    2.  Smaller clients who do not have such systems and resource capabilities.  This service initially was geared small to companies but now companies of all sizes are finding this to be of value.  

    Many smaller businesses miss out on the features and capabilities that a Demand Planning function can bring - holistically filling the gap between Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, and Operations.  

    The Need for Demand Planning and how it plugs the vacuum between financial planning and operations

    This is a key reason Valtitude/Demand Planning LLC started offering outsourced planning since 2015. However, this does not seem to be just with small companies.

    Many mid-market companies do not have a well-defined demand planning function. Typically the commercial team does a forecast at the brand level for their own target setting purposes.  The Sales team may have an order based forecast for meeting their sales targets.  The Marketing team may actually decide on the production targets working with the supply planners.  

    The supply planners pick up the high-level forecast from the Marketing function and try to make sense out of this aggregated forecast and split hairs along with this the forecast down to SKU and DC level.

    That sloppy and tortured forecast becomes the key input into the MPS process with eventually bad outcomes.

    If you are you missing the Demand Planning function or capability, you should seriously consider:

    • Our Forecasting Consulting Solutions to diagnose and implement a refined process with tools
    • Outsourced Planning where our data science team will support your business process working with your team to facilitate a holistic S&OP process.  

    Demand Planning is the first gap you should plug if you want to improve operational planning. Connect with us and we will help you find the holy grail of synergistic planning.

    Our outsourced planning services are priced using a combination of factors that include:

    • SKU Count
    • Customer Count
    • Hours per month
    • Customer Interface points including meetings and conference calls.

    Prices start from approximately $2,250 a month.  

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