Planvida Insights


1. Demand Analytics 

Under the six-sigma DMAIC approach, measurement of your current state is a key requirement for diagnostic, design and implementation of the process.  Even for on-going process stability, measurement is critical.  

The Demand Analytics module provides key insights on your planning performance and provides an insightful view of demand volatility, demand visibility and product mix analysis.  It also provides additional insights on comparisons to the budget and annual plan. 

Our Clients have reported improved Demand visibility, forecast accuracy and higher adoption of the S&OP process throughout the organization.

2. SCM Analytics

With Planvida, the Supply Chain Scorecard process can be completed in minutes.  

Every month, you get all the KPIs for your S&OP in a few minutes - ready to go on Day 2 morning.  

Some clients want the SCM analytics implemented first as this gives you end-to-end insights into your entire supply chain.  Our SCM anlaytics cloud gives you key insights into your customer service, inventory metrics, production adherence to plan, lead-time compliance and several control charts for tracking supply chain functional performance to plan. 


     PlanVida Analytics  


3. Planning and Forecasting Cloud

Our cloud-based planning and Forecasting engine is the most sophisticated among several offerings on the market.  This engine provides a probabilistic forecast using an AI-driven modeling platform.  Many organizations are suffering from the lack of good demand visibility.  Our planning engine contains a diverse set of models and machine learning algorithms and the AI picks the best model for the demand profile.

Our Demand Forecasting models can run causal models, transfer functions, event-response models and a variety of other models for seasonal variations and complex higher order demand variability.  The probabilistic forecast will help you with predictive planning so you can set accurate inventory targets.  

Pricing starts at $1,795 month and up to five users can access the system.  It can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP or BI system.  

4.  On-going Support

Our support team is here to ensure things run smoothly for your organization. 

Our Data Science team will review the models and the results of the AI engine so the ML algorithms will work on steroids combined with this intelligent human input.  

Planvida can be your virtual COE - Center of Excellence - to add qualitative insights into your business process

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