PlanVida Modules

Planvida Modules

Status Quo....

  • Companies drive their planning process today mostly in Excel, due to its flexibility and familiarity – with the process very manual and error prone.
  • Many planning tools are inadequate and go through a long implementation cycle
  • Software Upgrades can be an year-long process 

PlanVida - A Differentiator

PlanVida, our best-in-class planning tool takes full advantage of all your data to give you better demand visibility

  • Powerful forecast engine
  • Handcrafted models and forecasts created by a qualified Data scientist
  • Models can capture seasonal demand, product hierarchies, product
  • promotions, slow-moving items, causal variables, outliers and much
  • more.
  • Quick and Easy implementation
Planvida Modules
Planvida Modules

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