Diagnostics and Process Audit

Demand Planning Process Diagnostic:

Thorough assessment of your Demand Planning process to identify the gaps and opportunities in comparison to industry standards

Diagnostics and Process Audit


Measure the current state using robust demand metrics and Supply KPIs


Map the planning process using interviews and data analytics


Identify Gaps and Benchmark and Highlight key areas of opportunity


Quantify the benefits of re-engineering the demand management process

    The Discovery will generally proceed using the following outline:

    • Assess the forecast need of the downstream customer
    • Identify Roles and responsibilities of the Demand Side players including Sales and Marketing, Category Development and Trade Marketing
    • Map Historical Data volatility
    • What is the sub-process for Promotional and Event planning and how is it integrated through the CRM or other processes?
    • What is the consensus process?
    • Are different forecasts reconciled?
    • Communication between Demand and supply-side other than during forecast hand-offs
    • Are the demand forecasting and supply planning processes managed by exceptions?


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