Diagnostics and Process Audit

Demand Planning Diagnostics and Process Audit :

Thorough assessment of your Demand Planning process to identify the gaps and opportunities in comparison to industry standards



Measure the current state using robust demand metrics and Supply KPIs


Map the planning process using interviews and data analytics


Identify Gaps and Benchmark and Highlight key areas of opportunity


Quantify the benefits of re-engineering the demand management process

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    Demand Planning Diagnostics and Process Audit

    Our Consulting Model Employs the Six-Sigma Methodology of:

    • Define
    • Measure
    • Analyze
    • Improve and Control (DMAIC).

    Valtitude / Demand Planning LLC has built a massive knowledge base of best practices and industry benchmarks drawn from our consulting engagements over the last fifteen years from clients across multiple industry verticals.  With our Knowledgebase and high-powered data analytics, we can analyze process models quickly and make appropriate recommendations for process/systems.

    Our philosophy revolves around matching the optimal process map with the business model for every client as it is different for every industry and every client.  We have noticed that the process maps and systems fail if they do not understand the business model and the right set of requirements to facilitate the business process.  

    Key questions will be on the demand generation process, revenue model, and the order-to-cash process to fulfill such demand.  

    The Discovery will generally proceed using the following outline: 

    • Assess the forecast needs of the downstream customer
    • Identify Roles and responsibilities of the Demand Side players including Sales and Marketing, Category Development and Trade Marketing
    • Map Historical Data volatility
    • Define Forecastability
    • What is the sub-process for Promotional and Event planning and how is it integrated through the CRM or other processes?
    • How is demand consensus achieved in the S&OP process?  What defines Consensus?  
    • Are different forecasts and plans reconciled to understand key differences based on objectives?  
    • How is the Communication between Demand and supply-side handled other than during forecast hand-offs?
    • Is there a process to sense demand and aid mid-month communication?  

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