Analytics :

Analytics is the key to Supply Chain Transformation in the 21st Century.

With the advent of Machine Learning, AI and a host of cloud-based tools, Analytics is the life-blood of any Supply Chain Transformation initiative.  Insightful analytics are needed not just for the diagnostics and assessment of the business process, but also to thrive in the day to day operations of the company.  

Valtitude has deep expertise in Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Machine learning.  We approach projects with our capability in complex analytics to unravel the business complexity and provide the business user with a simple interface to address some complex challenges.  

Your business can be complex – 20K SKUs, 20 DCs and thousands of customer sold-to locations.  Though it may be difficult for a human planner to handle all this manually, our predictive algorithms can mine into this complex data structure and create digestible and usable decision nuggets for the planner to understand and use.

One age-old principle permeates all of the analytics - the Pareto principle for exception management.  A large part of the decisional actions originates from a few entities.    

Our Analytics services are offered in four broad areas - 

Product Portfolio Management

Also called Clustering or Segmentation, this essentially provides you an algorithmic method to create useful classifications of your data for applying different supply chain rules and predictive planning strategies.  Each class can be dealt with differently - what may be an overwhelming 85,000 SKUs this may all boil down to a manageable number of classes that call for specific strategies.  See more details at analytics/Product-Portfolio-Management 

Inventory Optimization

Given the state of today's technology with advanced computing, inventory targets and inventory positioning can be precisely calculated across the supply chain.  Multi-echelon inventory optimization helps you determine the right level of inventory at each location in your complex supply network using optimization algorithms.  Forecasting plays a key part in this process.  Learn more about inventory optimization analytics at here


Companies have been using dashboards for a long time - but most are manual and driven by a multitude of Excel spreadsheets.  We help you build insightful and interactive dashboards with our Planvida Cloud Analytics. Planvida is hosted on the cloud and comes with pre-configured dashboards for

  • Demand Analytics - Forecast Accuracy, MAPE, and Bias  
  • SCM Metrics and Analytics - Fill Rates, OTIF, Delivery metrics, Inventory Days on Hand, Schedule Adherence
  • Inventory Analytics - Safety Stock calculations, Inventory Targets, Obsolescence

For more details see Planvida Modules | Insights | Pricing