Boston Workshops

09 Oct 2019

Boston Workshops

We are opening the registrations for our October 2019 Boston workshops -

  1. October 9 & 10 ‘Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Workshop’ – Boston
  2. October 10 & 11 ‘Inventory Management and Optimization Workshop’ – Boston
  3. October 11 ‘CADP Refresher Course and Certification Exam’ – Boston

Planners and Analysts have a lot to gain from this workshop! It will differentiate you from your peers and provide you the ability to navigate through both the technical and analytical aspects of the profession. 

We have exercises specific to each topic that help attendees understand the concepts.
At the end of Day 1 we will hand out demand planning scenarios as a group activity - discussion and solutions to these scenarios are discussed on Day 2. Attendees from different industries will be able to take away best practices in demand planning from this workshop.