Sales and Operations Planning

S&OP Workshop :

Sales & Operations Planning Workshop Training

This workshop is a practical guide to designing and implementing an internal collaboration process which would improve your value chain planning and integrate into the business management. Does your organization have a financial forecasting process that is distinct from your supply chain planning process?

This could potentially result in a disconnected supply chain plan, causing sub-optimal inventories and inferior customer service. Implementing an efficient and cost-effective Sales and Operations Planning Process brings together all elements of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operations into one integrated set of plans. This integrated planning forum greatly enhances the communication of key market and customer intelligence into the supply chain.

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Sales and Operations Planning is the best practice planning solution that starts with creating an unbiased demand forecast, reviews the feasibility of the demand plan in the face of supply constraints and arrives at a constrained operational plan to drive the supply chain operations in the immediate planning horizon. In this training workshop, we will explain the design and mechanics of this internal collaboration process which brings together all stakeholders. We will discuss the key components of the &OP process – the mechanics, reports, consensus, and hand-offs as well as the metrics. No other training program provides as much practical information and insight to all aspects of S&OP, like this.

Available in the following formats: web workshop, on-site workshop at your location, or as a public training course. To schedule a customized on-site workshop, please


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