Knowledge Base

CPG Module 1

Demand Planning for CPG module 1 cover the following concepts:


  • Demand Forecasting Basics
  • Key Terminology & Concepts
  • Demand Planning for CPG companies

1. Forecasting in the S&OP process

2. Role of the Demand Planner

3. Shipment forecasting vs Customer Planning

4. Key challenges of CPG Demand Planning

Demand Driven Forecasting: 

  • Push versus Pull Methodology
  • Modeling Customer Demand
  • Retail Customer Segmentation - Analysis of your customer Pareto
  • Modeling the retail shelf take-away – The use of POS data
  • Understanding your Distribution Channel Network
  • Demand Volatility created by Channel inventory
  • Changes in Retail Inventory Policies
  • Calculation of the total supply chain forecast
  • Challenges in setting up the Process – Data Mapping, Calendar Conversions