02 Jul 2019

What effects your organization’s readiness to IBP?

Is your organization ready for IBP? How do we know that we are implementing this nifty solution that could NOT be used if the process and people are not ready?                 

There could be a variety of parameters that could counter IBP readiness:

  • Lack of a process vision can make the IBP tool an expensive typewriter.
  • The Excel interface is nice to have but is the implementation objective to leverage the advanced functionality in IBP over just the excel interface? Because Hana with APO Excel add-in can provide the same interface to the non-technical users.
  • Sufficient maturity in the Demand Process to take advantage of demand models and demand sensing.
  • People and organization readiness to integrate financial planning with demand planning. This will help understand the effects of pricing and mix issues. 
  • Supply readiness to use Demand Plans for medium to long-term planning and Sensed Demand for short-term supply adjustments versus consumption rules.


It is never too late - at times organizations rush into the Tool first. Then you have to work on adjusting the process to make the tool successful. Not optimal, but better than the alternative.

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