15 Nov 2023

Webinar: Analytics for Demand Consensus and Integrated Planning

In our modes of S&OP, the Demand Consensus is the first step which provides the unconstrainted forecast to Supply. Demand Consensus starts with KPIs and a Statistical Baseline forecast.  

True Demand consensus process will be enhanced by commentary generated by the Demand Planner to address various differences such as Gap to Financial Plan, Growth versus last year, Delta to Stat forecast and how the forecast changed from our previous demand statement.  There should be collaboration between Sales, Marketing and even Finance to achieve Consensus.  

Risks to Demand should be part of the S&OP process after consideration by supply planning through the MPS process.  This was the discussion agenda for the final executive S&OP where each demand supply imbalance will have resolutions. 

In this webinar we discussed about the analytics that drives Demand Consensus and the Integrated Planning process.

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