19 Aug 2020

COVID-19 Response From Valtitude/Demand Planning Net

COVID-19 response from Valtitude / Demand Planning Net


Valtitude / Demand Planning LLC has transformed our offerings and services to help our customers, employees and vendors cope up with the Covid-19 Pandemic.


We have taken the following steps to protect our customers, employees and all stakeholdres:


1. Most of our employees work from home both in the USA as well as in our overseas offices. We have provided all the equipment necessary to enable this new style of working.   


2. We are offering our consulting and advisory services on demand planning, S&OP and SCM optimization through Web conferencing - Microsoft Teams has been our platform of choice followed by Zoom and BlueJeans. Most systems can be accessed through VPN as well as through virtual platforms on the Azure Cloud.


3. Our training offerings will be provided through virtual meetings - and in-person attendance will be limited to a group of five individuals with well-spaced seating.


Safety First! Be safe and stay healthy!


We will win this and come out successful in the near term!


Valtitude Management 

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