11 Nov 2019

PlanVida: Inventory Analytics

PlanVida: Inventory Analytics

One of the roadblocks many small companies face (and some large Fortune 500 companies as well) is the lack of a clear insight into the allocation of scarce inventory dollars across their product portfolio.

In most cases, it is either a historical norm or a thumb rule. In many engagements, I have always wondered why it takes hours and hours of excel to understand this inventory problem.

Planvida Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates analytics across the SCM and provides an insightful platform

  1. Inventory analytics across the portfolio from SKU to category
  2. Budget allocation of inventory versus actuals
  3. DOH and Obsolescence including SLOB

All in one place using a drillable dashboard available on a monthly subscription. Our mission is to arm smaller companies with deep supply chain insights.


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