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18 Nov 2019

Usable Solutions: Valtitude's Core Mission

Valtitude’s core mission is to provide usable solutions!

Usable solutions that are worth the price and provide a consumer surplus will always win in the long run...despite short term hiccups and challenges against those useless solutions that simply grab the market due to sexy marketing and expensive advertising.

The example of Microsoft is quite telling - this was the Wintel monopoly with products that customers had to purchase because of a lack of choice.

There was a period under Ballmer the stock stumbled.

Then came along the brilliant and humble Satya who totally transformed the company its culture and the stock price - it quadrupled.

Since 2014 Microsoft has introduced many products and technology including the azure cloud that consumers want to use and love to use though they have worthy alternatives. Despite its late start, behind Amazon AWS and Google, the Azure Cloud is dominating the market and scored a big Government contract.

The World is a better place due to this healthy competition

Apple with great consumer products

Microsoft with great business solutions

Google with Usable innovations

Amazon providing subsidized groceries and AWS

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