04 Feb 2020

How does Waze predict your arrival time so accurately?

Waze and Google Maps are two of the most popular mapping and driving apps in the World, although my unscientific observation is that most men like and use Google Maps and women like Waze!!

Regardless both of them are owned by Google. And they excel in what they do by using Machine learning and actually not as much AI. Combined with Big data and real-time intelligence, these are power-packed apps although we just use it for the commute and never question it!!

How does Waze predict your arrival time in traffic so accurately? The ETA forecasts and the traffic estimations are almost flawless and present parallels that can be used in Demand Planning and Supply Chain optimization.

We use Waze as a case study in our workshops to illustrate how a combination of ML, Big Data and some AI become a powerful combination. And when a trained human is captaining the ship, you are near close to pushing up the boundaries........

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