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21 Feb 2020

The Bubble!!

Are we in one - slowly heading up like that DisneyWorld Splash mountain ride before that exhilarating drop into the water splash?!

The one difference between Splash mountain and the stockmarket is this:

It will feel eery heading into the final few feet of the top with a slow climb

The stock market final climb into the bubble peak will be exciting and euphoric and at a frenetic pace - suddenly everyone found that there is free lunch and money for nothing!!

And almost no one senses a drop is coming.

Here is the previous Nasdaq bubble that happened just at the dawn of this century and Y2K. The Nasdaq went up 83% between October 1999 and March 2000.

Everyone was piling on the market and talking stocks from Wall Street to Mississippi!?

When the bubble burst the market fell some 65% within one year! When something goes up 60% and comes down 60% it is not a Neutral effect...

Of course the year 2000 was an election year too - the bubble burst didn’t care about it then!!

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