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31 Jul 2020

Precision is key to your planning and execution. What is your next step?

What is your next step? Even if you have only one step to take and that will be a hop.... hop ... and a series of hops!

Planning needs focus!  Just like this Canadian Goose I saw at Walden Pond yesterday, focus...... focus and focus before jumping in!

Supply chain execution needs precision (well almost) even if the plan may not give you enough precision. It is still not a Six-sigma process but at least you have to try to be a 3 sigma process.  Errors can be costly in terms of Lost revenues and profits!  

Once upon a time, I used to think software has proliferated - but now it has exploded thanks to the Cloud. What is good and what is bad?  And how do we pick the best from the rest?  Rushing into a software implementation can literally make companies crawl and struggle if the software does not meet the needs or implemented poorly so as it does not meet the needs.  

Unless you have a process that incorporates your business model and GTM strategy, no amount of software can solve the problem.

Valtitude, as a consulting solutions provider, has deep expertise in the area of helping companies repair their software implementation gone bad - over the last few years we have helped major Fortune 500 companies to revive and repair their Advanced Planning Platforms.  These were little more than typewriters which planners used to type their numbers in.  Use Excel and go back to the APS to type the results in for archiving.  

Usability of Software is a key mantra in how we design our implementation projects.  Usability is driven by a workable and holistic business process.  Even if the business is complex, the business process should be designed just right so it can handle the complexity.  

Our approach is to help design and roll-out business processes that can address the complexity in the business model but also can be agile enough to handle interruptions - whether it is about Sales Forecasting, Financial Planning or Supply Chain optimization and management.

You can see a sample of how we approach the diagnostic phase in the below.  



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