04 Dec 2009

Demand Planning for CPG Companies

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies seeking forecasting accuracy improvement are faced with a number of issues such as:

• Data availability (especially Point Of Sale or channel data)
• Lack of internal demand communication to enhance accuracy
• Inappropriate processes and tools for promotional forecasting
• Frequent, unexpected events affecting planners’ assumptions and models

In our Demand Forecasting Web workshop to be held on January 20 and 22, 2010, we will illustrate the methodology to address challenges specific to pull-based Demand Planning for CPG companies
1. How you can leverage customer inventory and POS in creating accurate customer demand plans?
2. How are the principles of Account Based Forecasting (ABF) used to create the total supply chain forecast for manufacturing?
3. Why is event modeling important for CPG companies, and how should the impact of promotional events be captured in your forecast models?

This workshop will explain the process to create a demand-driven pull forecast that incorporates the effects of changes in market, consumption patterns, and inventory cycles to model a supply chain forecast.
You can view more info and register at

The discounted price of $299 is available until December 31, 2009 and covers both modules. The price includes all materials and calculation templates.

Jan 20 – Module 1 11am to 2pm EST / 8am to 11 am PST

Jan 22 – Module 2 11am to 2pm EST / 8am to 11 am PST

If you register for both modules using the discounted price, you can join a special Q&A session at the end of Module 2 on practical problems that you face at your company.

Please review other training offerings for 2010 at http://demandplanning.net.

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