26 Feb 2021

Customer Requested Delivery Vs Availability Delivery Date

Customer Requested Delivery Vs Availability Delivery Date

Does the customer really want the product to be delivered on the requested date? Some companies think this is not a true date – customers really don’t know when they need!!

I had posted a poll on what should this be on Linked-in asking which one of the following If you want to measure true customer service, which date will you use as the largest to compare with the actual delivery date?

  1. Request delivery date
  2. First promised date
  3. Last promised date

We received the following comments as responses.  Read on and decide which date will you use as the largest to compare with the actual delivery date?

Comments – 

“There should be possible 1 more answer in the survey: ranged delivery date. We are informing Customer about timing of a delivery according to min-max timing ranges available from our shipping companies | own transport according to delivery addres. Target is to deliver the goods in shared ranges or faster”

       -Supply chain manager  W Expondo GMBH

“The answer is not technology, it’s people skilled in their field of expertise, then overlay the technology and methodologies. Fundamentally sound processes designed to achieve the supply chain objectives , people that are knowledgeable about demand, supply and fulfillment, that can be held responsible and accountable for the attainment of the supply chain strategy , sound customer and supplier relationships. In other words – what are we trying to achieve, do we have the skills, competence, tools to achieve it? If the answer is yes then we’re more than halfway to solving the problem. The execution is the only challenge”

“Often the reason for this confusion is lack of trust. Once suppliers fail in their replenishment promises, customers start expediting in the hope that they will get something when they need it. Supply Chain is about trust, knowing the risks, mitigating the risks. If that creates nervousness on the supplier side? Fix the problem and stop second guessing.”   

       - Owner at AppliSential

“The customer requested date has to be the goal to achieve. In terms of priority if you never fix your original promise date commitment then your process is out of control and the customer request date is just a pipe dream to achieve with all the buffers in place from your customer due to your failures.”

      - Project Manager at Nidec Control Techniques

“CPFR is the most accurate but it requires a more intense relationship between the supplier and the customer. However, that is more than a one-to-one relationship. It is a one-to-many relationship because the delivery date is something that has to be known throughout the entire Supply Chain.”

       -Business Management Consultant

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