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09 Nov 2021

Where Are You In The Planning Journey?

The Pandemic has exposed NOT just the gaps in the infrastructure but also our processes and process mindsets.

Are you still throwing Darts? The first block in the picture below.

Many companies are still stuck in a maze of Excel spreadsheets that get embedded into bulky power-points - and this despite costly investment in ERP systems and planning systems that don't work.

Although we are supposed to be in the age of robotics, many humans are acting like robots downloading data from different systems and emails to patch together the needed reports...

Data visualization has become a key enabler over the last ten years - this is at least a start. If you are still stuck in the left block, at least start there. Invest in analytics and data visualization so your data storytelling is a little less painful.

What are all possible in the age of the metaverse - we will see next.

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