10 Nov 2021

Transform Your Demand Planning Process

If you want to transform the Demand Planning process at your organization, first do a little study of the different touchpoints between Four key functions -

* Product Management / Marketing
* Sales - Account Based Forecasting
* Supply Planning
* Demand Planning - think of this as an independent entity, although it could either report into Sales or Supply chain or in some cases even marketing.

Any innovation or transformation of your process happens at the intersection of these four functions, depicted here in a somewhat complex Venn diagram. And Finance may want a piece of this too (but I did not want to add additional complexity)

- Where are the key pain points?
- Which function calls the shots?

Once you look through your current process, please comment on what could be wrong with the following picture?

What would you move and where?

For a general review of our demand diagnostics methodology, you can review our website - Click here

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