17 May 2022

The New Supply Chain World order is here - Are we ready?

The New Supply Chain World order is here - Are we ready?

Tectonic shifts are taking place in the global supply chain and the new world order is emerging at a furious pace. The foundations of this shift were laid by the previous administration with the Tariff wars followed by the Virus war and the pandemic and now huge supply chain risks that are showing up from the global sanctions on Russia. The World was facing potential conflicts from Russia-Ukraine and potentially China trying to control Taiwan and its global monopoly on Semi-conductor manufacturing. 

Although all voices are shouting near-shoring and re-shoring of the US supply chain, supply chains are global, and they face complex demand-supply realities and alignments. In the presentation, we discuss the realities facing the supply chains and what US manufacturers need to do to address risks - rising costs in China, the surge in transportation costs, commodity price inflation, and the new Oil shock.  

Here is the presentation I gave to the Princeton Chapter of ASCM in March. Please contact us if you want to discuss the changing landscape in the global trade and supply chain.

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