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11 Mar 2022

ASQ BOSCON 2022 Conference

I spoke at the ASQ conference in Boston on November 7-8 ,which held at the hilton boston logan airport

Global Supply chain challenges heading into 2023 and steps to storm-proof your supply chains.  

Tectonic shifts are taking place in the global supply chain. The Russia-Ukraine war m Government stimulus which finally led to a sharp uptick in inflation. With the US Federal reserve racreated an energy crisis in Europe and a spike in Oil prices globally. The post-pandemic economies are plagued by labor shortages, and excess demand resulting fropidly hiking interest rates, a few countries are on the brink of a currency crisis.  

In the midst of such rapidly shifting dynamics of demand, supply, and other macro factors, companies with global supply chains can expect to face many challenges in 2023. In this presentation, I discussed which ones we should expect to cause significant headwinds in 2023 and how we prepare for them.

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