29 Oct 2011

Demand Planning and Forecasting in Bengaluru, India January 27-28, 2012

Demand Planning and Forecasting in Bengaluru, India January 27-28, 2012

After a two year hiatus, I am looking forward to facilitating our hugely popular two day workshop on Demand Planning and Forecasting in India on January 27 – 28, 2012 Friday and Saturday at the Chancery Pavilion in Bengaluru.  India is always exciting, different perspectives and different structures and even interesting demand profiles.

Yes, we have to deal with a fun challenge – explosive growth markets and ability of the forecasting models to recognize a variety of trend patterns and trend shifts.

This is a highly interactive hands on session that will introduce you to the key concepts in Demand Planning and Statistical Forecasting.  A popular forecasting software will be provided for class room use to illustrate the required forecasting models.  This will be a full license of a forecasting application that will run on Microsoft Excel.  This package can do Moving Average models, exponential smoothing models and ARIMA models along with other exotic models such as Dynamic Regressions, Croston’s Models and Bass Curves.  The attendees will have the opportunity to test drive their company data with this application to see how statistical modeling can be effectively leveraged to better forecast demand.
We will also have a session in forecasting using Excel.  Given Excel has been inseparable from the forecasting function, we will demonstrate a variety of methods that are available in Excel to construct simple yet useful forecasts.  These include Moving averages, double moving averages, First order exponential smoothing function built in Excel along with Regression models.

Based on some of the inputs from our clients, we will be doing a 45 minute session on how to forecast in excel using Decomposition models.  The Decomposition models can be used to forecast series that exhibit trend and seasonality without resorting to advanced modeling algorithms.

We will discuss Model Diagnostics, Forecasting by Decomposition, Exponential smoothing, Forecasting Metrics, and Exception Management.

You will get a variety of templates and calculation models in a CD along with relevant white papers and reading materials.  We are developing a certification program in the fourth quarter.  I am not sure if this will be ready in time for the India seminar.  But all participants may be presented with an opportunity to register for the certification to be taken online at a later date in the second quarter of 2012.  Let me know if you are interested in more details about the certification program.  Email me at info(at)demandplanning.net.

I look forward to meeting many of my linked-in India connections in person in January!

Dates: 27th and 28th January 2012

Where: the Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru India

Visit here for agenda and other details:http://demandplanning.net/demandplanning_seminarIndia2.htm


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