13 Dec 2011

Questions on Demand Planning Training Workshop in India

In response to our workshop announcement, we have received several emails with number of questions.  Given that we have only experienced the tip of the iceberg when it comes to demand planning and supply chain careers in India, the opportunity set is explosive for a knowledgeable and skilled demand planning professional.

Demand Planning is one of the unique areas where the individual can either move up in Marketing, or Finance or into senior cadres in Supply Chain.

Why is this a very important career enhancing workshop to attend?

Demand Planning is a highly demanded skillset for a lucrative job in the supply chain industry in India or abroad.  This course is aimed at practitioners and newly aspiring professionals who want to enter the supply chain industry.

Attendees who complete the two day course and all individual and group exercises will be awarded a certificate of completion.  This will be the pre-cursor and required workshop to our certification program to be launched in 2012.

Get skills you can use at work

We will explain and demonstrate best practices in model selection, illustrate how to improve model quality, and teach you how to leverage the forecast measurement process.

Learn from industry experience

We will bring practical examples from our consulting experience.  We have consulted with clients in Consumer goods, Food and Beverage, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Manufacturing, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas etc.

Network with peers

You will have the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from other demand planning professionals with team challenges and networking exercises.  Attending this workshop will introduce you to our vast network of supply chain professionals and career opportunities in North America and Europe.   This is not a job offer, but this education is aimed at providing a skillset that is in short supply through out the world.

Add to your credentials

Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from Demand Planning LLC, attesting to your newly-acquired skills in Demand Planning and Forecasting.  You will also get an opportunity to obtain additional resources to earn a certification in the future.  Program is in the works to be announced shortly.

Does the two day workshop in Bengaluru contains topics related to forecasting of rarely used spare parts or not?

Yes we talk about models to forecast and stock for rarely used spare parts otherwise known as intermittent demand.

While the focus is on forecasting and modeling, our approach is to marry up the business problem with the technology.

Look forward to seeing you in Bengaluru, Bahrain or Boston!!

Review the course at http://demandplanning.net/demandplanning_seminarIndia2.htm. 

We have collaborated with Knowerx India to take rupee payments if you can only register and pay in local currency.

Happy Forecasting!

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