Forecast Reconciliation and Proportional Forecasting

28 May 2012

Forecast Reconciliation and Proportional Forecasting – my e-book on

Demand Planning just published our first e-Book Forecast Reconciliation and Proportional Forecasting! 

This is the first direct-to-Kindle book from Demand Planning, and we’re proud to bring this to our huge readership. We hope to follow this with other e-books covering various topics in Demand Planning and Supply Chain Management.

For a limited time (until Friday, June 29), this e-Book will be available at a special price of $0.99  click here

Also note that we are entering the last few days before registrations close for our two day workshop on Demand Planning and Forecasting in June in Irvine, CA. This is your last opportunity to attend this certificate program before our Fall Calendar begins.

For the first ten registrants, we will send our exclusive white paper on True Demand and a link to download this e-book on Forecast Reconciliation free of charge at

We just finished the Boston workshop which experienced a great turn out from over 20+ companies and 35 participants.  Top Tier companies shared their experience with demand planning and learnt best practices to implement in their supply chains.

I learned some new perspectives on the practical challenges facing companies during this economic slow down.  There were companies with different challenges – forecasting demand for mainframe resources to a variety of service organizations with a perishable  product.

As you may have seen the testimonials, this is a practical hands-on workshop.  You need to bring your laptop to do all the exercises and group case studies.

Visit for more details.

Please feel free to email us your comments on the e-book on proportional forecasting.

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