04 Aug 2012

Demand Planning = Unlocking Stat Models + Engaging your Sales Force!

Throw away that application software if that is not usable!

Your planners may have already boycotted the tool and resorted to Excel and offline analytics for most of their planning work. They are deep into using Excel and manual compilations of numbers, planners look at you almost incredulously when you start talking about “using Statistical Models”.

This demand planner from a big brewing company emailed me, “Mark, Stat Forecasting?  In SAP APO?  You are kidding right?!”.

How can we help the planners cut through the rut of laborious calculations and offline exercises?  Can we re-establish the credibility in the power of Forecasting tools to build decent statistical models that will in fact help them produce better demand forecasts?

Demand Planning Net offers a service called Usability consulting where we improve the usability of your statistical tool by performing model tuning, setting the right tool parameters and finally training the planners in statistical modeling. Demand Planning Net has worked with clients helping them leverage the statistical features in their software applications.

• Most applications inherently have the analytical power to develop effective baseline forecasts.

• Most software tools allow you to create exception thresholds so you can streamline the forecasting process by exception.

Our consulting offering is an eight to ten-week project that covers the most useful features of the tool. We offer this usability consulting service for  SAP APO, Oracle Demantra, Logility, JDA Manugistics, and i2.

  • We start with a quick assessment of your configuration, planning process, and system settings
  • Compile usability findings that may be useful if you are planning a re-configuration.
  • We then work on tuning models and develop the models for a sampling of SKUs/families
  • Develop Work-flow and custom training materials
  • Provide a Live training session where we will guide you through changing the models in your live environment.

If your system has performance issues besides poor planning interface, then you need to re-engineer the tool process for Modeling and demand planning. We offer re-design and re-configuration services where your configuration will be optimized, with perhaps even a new planning book and the right settings.

Particularly if you are a company in the SMB space that recently started a new implementation or having difficulties with your current implementation, CALL US for a free initial consultation – a quick one-hour tune-up as a pre-cursor to the real tune-up!

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