24 Sep 2015

Demand Planning Seminar in Chicago

October Demand Planning and APO workshop

I am just getting ready for the Chicago trip – our annual event in Demand Planning.             

But this time we will be covering some new topics including some emerging trends in Demand Management.  We will also look at the pot that has been muddied by SAP with its announcement of new products in Sapphire – what is new and what is old in new clothes?

I am excited to interact with some seasoned demand planning professionals who will assemble in Chicago to talk about Demand Planning best practices and also continue into the third day to talk SAP specific challenges and issues facing us.

So far I am pleased with the response to our Chicago Demand Planning seminar. Given the agenda includes some trending topics in demand management, professional from following companies have registered for the workshop and we are looking forward to interactive learning sessions.  We have some repeat visitors from our client companies:

  • Abbott
  • Glenmark
  • Nordam
  • Siemens
  • Continental Tires
  • Marzetti
  • Mercury Marine and others…

If you have not experienced this workshop before, then you should consider coming to Chicago – we are the best when it comes to learning Demand Management – not just theory not just the math, but stuff that you need to get your demand management working in high gear!

I have been told that we have just one week left until October 1st where my team will close the registrations – to keep the limit and engage folks in insightful discussions and preserve the interactive learning format.

We will also be distributing some prep materials in the second week of October for you to come prepared.

For agenda and registration please visit –

What you get from the workshop –

  • Opportunity to learn the best practices in demand planning, forecasting and demand management

  • Interact with professionals from other companies.

  • Limited access to our e-learning portal
  • Case studies and Exercises from recent consulting projects
  • Importance of customer information

Modeling & Metrics in SAP APO –

Same tool with better forecast – Unravel the full power of your SAP APO and learn tips and tricks of generating a better forecast using SAP APO.

Our add-on SAP APO one day workshop on Friday October 16 will cover:

  1. Statistical Modeling in SAP
  2. Uni-variate Forecast Alerts
  3. Audit trail in SAP Demand Planning
  4. Why model diagnostics could be misleading?
  5. Comparison of Alternative statistical Models
  6. Quick Intro to Exception Planning
  7. What is new in SAP IBP?

For more information –

On the evening of Day 1, we have a networking reception powered by some exotic cocktails and mocktails – we may also have a band playing for us in a language only us Demand Planners will understand!

Come prepared and expect to have great fun and engage in three days of learning!


Mark C

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