Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning

 Sales and Operations Planning

Manufacturers in the Consumer Packages Goods Sector were the early adopters of Supply Chain Forecasting. Catering to the firm's demand of the retail partners, CPG manufacturers focused on minimizing the forecast error to drive fill rates and lower inventory carrying costs. 

As a natural progression, CPG companies started adopting the S&OP process to develop forecast consensus and holistic planning.

Most of their supply chains have an active S&OP process, which is cross-functional with participation from Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Planning, Finance, Sales Planning, and Demand Planning. Typically, there is a one-number philosophy although the more practical processes advocate tolerances between forecasts with different objectives.


Sales and Operations Planning Process thrives on collaboration and honest communication between key organizational players.  This is a unique process embodying several information sharing sessions and decision forums. The final intent here is to generate an organizational plan and key Sales and Operations issues for the top organizational manager to decide on. 

We kick off the S&OP implementation with an on-site workshop to be attended by your sponsors and stakeholders.  For many companies on the wall about taking the plunge, this workshop will be a key input and bring to fore many company-specific drivers.  Our on-site workshop addresses the following key steps in developing and implementing an effective S&OP process.

By having your key stakeholders attend this workshop, you attain a huge competitive advantage in moving forward the idea of integrated business planning.  

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