Retail Forecasting

Retail Forecasting Workshop :

In the Strategic Forecast process, the retail takeaway is a key input. We incorporate the effects of changes in market share, consumption patterns, and inventory cycles to model a shipment forecast. Hence this is a demand-driven pull forecast. This workshop will explain how demand forecast is modeled as a function of point-of-sale consumption forecast and changes in retail inventory.

We explain the mechanics of obtaining and using syndicated POS data from sources like Nielsen's and IRI.


  • Customized Web workshop for your company
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • up to 9 attendees from the same organization
  • Date and time: by appointment
  • Includes complete workshop materials.


You Will Learn:

  1. The details of Share calculations and inventory cycles
  2. The consumption forecast model using POS data
  3. The effect of Promotional spends on Market Share


Download the Workshop Brochure Here!


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